Acadis Portal Indiana Sign In (2024)

1. Available Training - Acadis® Portal

  • Additional training may be available after authenticating. Please sign in.

  • Acadis® will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. Users who choose to continue using Internet Explorer 11 will not have full Acadis® functionality, which may include broken features that will not be updated for this browser. For the best experience, please switch to a supported browser.

2. DHS: Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal -

  • This Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal (Acadis Portal) is part of a ... Acadis Portal · Acadis Course Registration Walkthrough. Public Safety ...

  • This Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal (Acadis Portal) is part of a cooperative effort between the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) to provide centralized information storage in support of consolidated emergency readiness and response. This portal provides public safety personnel access to information published for them by these organizations, and it also provides information back in efforts to keep their records updated. The portal is used for certification renewals for both EMS and fire certificate holders who must renew their certifications according to the rules of the EMS Commission and the Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education. The portal is also used for certification testing, training updates, organization tracking and communications with emergency responders across the state.

3. Indiana Assessment Portal

4. Login - Acadis

  • Log in. Forgot your password?Not a member? If you are trying to access your Acadis Admin or Acadis Portal ... Acadis Help desk at for ...

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5. Acadis Readiness Suite

  • “The Acadis® Readiness Suite and portal infrastructure let us collect secure and accurate data from our constituent agencies across Utah by distributing the ...

6. Online Testing Portal - Acadis

  • Enter individual questions into a test bank once, add categories, sub-categories, and learning objectives, then and use them again and again in multiple quizzes ...

  • ACADIS TESTING PORTAL Secure Online Learning Center From proctor monitor to report generation, automatically calculate and report results to personnel records—and use data to increase learner readiness. Testing and Analysis...

7. Vector Solutions: Training & Workforce Management Solutions

  • Prepare your people and stay in compliance using industry-specific training, operational readiness, workforce management, and risk management solutions.

8. Acadia Healthcare | A Standard of Excellence

  • Acadia Healthcare's network of mental health and addiction treatment facilities provides premier care for patients of all ages and genders.

  • Acadia Healthcare operates a network of premier behavioral healthcare facilities in the United States and Puerto Rico. Offering multiple levels of care for all populations.

9. Arcadis. Improving quality of life | Arcadis

  • Careers · Projects & STORIES · About Us · Office Locations

  • Arcadis is the leading global design & consultancy organization for natural and built assets. We are over 29,000 people, active in more than 70 countries that generate €3.4 billion in revenues.

10. INSPECT: Login

  • Log In. Email. Password. Forgot Password · Create an Account · Need Help ... 402 W Washington St. W072 Indianapolis, IN 46204 ©2024 ...

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Acadis Portal Indiana Sign In (2024)
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