Beastars Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters (2024)

Furry animal characters don’t usually set the best first impressions but before you judge this anime too soon, just make sure that you try to watch at least a few of its episodes. Its source material manga is a hidden gem that most readers don’t know about, but pretty much everyone who has read it has been impressed with everything that it offers; especially its deeply intriguing characters. With ahigh school setting, you can draw quite a few similarities between this one and other similar typical shows. But it’s kind of ironic how the characters of ‘Beastars’ feel more human than the characters of the shows that actually revolve around the lives of real human characters.

Even the story has several layers where, on the surface, it may more or less seem like a psychological thriller but with its deep allegories, it also refers to several other themes such as the bitterness of cultural differences in a world that is divided into two classes—Herbivores and carnivores. Overall, ‘Beastars’ seems to be a strangely charming and distinctive anime that should not be dismissed because of its eerie style. Think of it as something like ‘Aggretsuko‘; it does not have any human characters but it is still as close to reality as an anime can ever be.

Beastars Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Beastars’ Season 1 premiered on October 10, 2019 and with a total of 12 episodes, it ended on December 26, 2019. It is a psychological anime that has been adapted from a manga series that goes by the same name.

Those who are hopeful about another season would be glad to know that the source material is still running and its mangaka is producing consistent content. On top of that, the first season of the anime has done really well so far and that’s exactly why the studio has already confirmed a season 2 in a Tweet sent on December 25, 2019.


— Orange: Animation Studio (@CG_Orange_eng) December 25, 2019

Even though no release date has been revealed, chances are that‘Beastars’ Season 2 will release sometime in October 2020.

Beastars English Dub:

As of now, outside Japan, ‘Beastars’ is not available on any legitimate streaming platforms but it has been announced that the anime will release on Netflix U.S sometime in the first half of 2020.

Guess it’s not too early to tell you it’s coming first thing 2020 then… #Beastars

— NX (@NXOnNetflix) November 5, 2019

Beastars Plot:

‘Beastars’ is set in a world that is full of anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores who live in harmony with one another. Cherryton Academy is a school of many such adolescent animals who experience pretty much everything that a normal teenager would. Centering around Regoshi, a wolf-like drama club member, the anime portrays how because of his appearance he is always an object of fear and hatred. But deep inside, he has a really big heart and he means no harm to the ones around him. One day, when an Alpaca named Tem gets brutally murdered by an unknown creature, a tense atmosphere starts to grow between the herbivores and carnivores, and Regoshi’s life completely begins to change.

Beastars Characters:


Regoshi is the main character of the series who is a towering wolf with a terrifying appearance. But contrary to his scary appearance, he is actually very kind-hearted and is good to everyone around him. He is one of the members of the drama club’s stage crew and though he never really gets to directly participate in any of the plays that are performed, he really enjoys watching how artistically all of them are presented on stage. He really tries to be a nice person and more often than not, he even tries to somehow hide all of his scary traits just to get along with his herbivorous classmates. But despite his consistent efforts, he is misunderstood all the time. He later takes it upon himself to solve the mystery behind Tem’s murder and while he’s at it, he struggles to deal with his own conflicted carnivorous thoughts.


Haru is the main female character of the show who is the lone member of Cherryton’s gardening club. Pretty much like Ragoshi, she is outcasted by most of the students of the school because of her promiscuity. In appearance, she’s a white dwarf rabbit who seems to be very sensitive but she absolutely despises her soft features and delicate body. Because of these insecurities, she has casual sex just to feel that her life is still in control. But even though she has this constant need of being validated by the people around her, every time someone makes an attempt to get close to her, she just pushes them away.


Louis is a red deer who is a third-year student at the academy and is also the leader of the school’s drama club. He is very confident about his capabilities and dreams of becoming the next Beastar. Despite being a herbivore, he looks down on all of his peers and even tries to be dominant around the carnivores. Initially, Louis seems to be a self-centered student who manipulates others for his own good. But as the show further progresses, he becomes a better person and even starts to develop a romantic relationship with Haru.


Gouhin is a giant panda who works as a psychiatrist and doctor for all the animals. He specializes in treating all the carnivores whose predatory instincts begin to aggressively go out of control. It’s on him to make sure that such animals don’t give in to these instincts and live in harmony with the herbivores. After he passes out in the Black Market one day, he meets Regoshi and like everyone else, he assumes that he is another one of those carnivores who has less control over her natural instincts. But soon, he realizes that he is harmless and also becomes somewhat of a mentor to him.


June is a first-year student who, just like Regoshi, is a grey wolf. When Hiroshi saves her from bullies one day, she instantly falls in love with him and tries to spend all of her time around him.


Jack is one of Regoshi’s few close friends and the two of them have known each other since childhood. He is a Labrador Retriever and he really supports Regoshi with everything he does.

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Beastars Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters (2024)
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